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Denise Lane

Sage Mountain Health

Sage Mountain Health was created to offer a space for healing, learning and growth.  I have been working in and studying the holistic healing arts and spiritual sciences for well over twenty years. 

I am a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner, 

Certified in Bowenwork special procedures.

Board Certified by NCBTMB,

Professional member of AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association).  

Access Bars Practitioner

I have been providing Intuitive Readings for over two decades.   By connecting with the Soul, Master Angel and Angelic host, I am able to offer guidance from them to you.  

I graduated from PMTI (Potomac Massage Training Institute), with a thousand hours of training in massage therapy.  I now have probably closer to two thousand hours of training and experience.  I studied Esoteric Healing with the IHRN, Energy Healing at the OpenWay Healing school  and am a Reiki Master.  I have an advanced certification in Medicinal Aromatherapy.  In 2007 I took my practice in a new direction with Bowenwork.   In addition to Bowenwork for human beings, I trained in CCMRT (Cat and Canine Muscle Release Therapy, Bowen for small animals) with Tina Spurling. 


I began assisting my teacher Charles Cashell with his Tai Chi students in 1994.  In 1995, I went to China for a month to study Tai Chi.  Upon returning, I began studying at Omei Wushu-Kung-Fu, with Sifu, Lui Xiao Ling.  Sifu Lui had me assist teaching her students at Omei.  She also sent me to teach Tai Chi at the Chinese school in Gaithersburg.  The students there were surprised to be sent a non-Chinese person. However, they were gracious and allowed me time to prove my ability as an instructor.  When I moved to California in 1999,  I began Sage Mountain Health in Jamul, California. 

Reluctant to teach at first, I found it is my passion.  I enjoy helping people achieve a better life. 


I have been a Master Alignment Practitioner and Workshop Leader since 1995.

Before that I taught a homeopathic study group. 


Our Philosophy

My goal is to serve as a conduit and provide the space for your healing process. 

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