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"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop facilitated by Denise on Money Miracles and Relationships. Her perspective on these subjects is refreshing and empowering."


Manifest Ra

CEO & Founder

Manifest Innertainment LLC

Regarding Bowenwork

"I sustained a neck injury with cervical herniated disk from C2 to C6 with nerve compression from C5-C6.  The nerve pain was excruciating.  I was treated with 2 ESI’s and was trying to cope with the fact that I was going to have to have surgery.   After massage and Acupuncture I was still in great pain.  Denise gave me a Bowen session.  After my first Bowen session, I was able to go from a narcotic pain reliever to ibuprofin.  After my second treatment, I was off all pain medications.  Third session, I felt normal again."

  CMC, Nurse Practitioner, Silver Spring, MD

Dear Denise,

Thank you for the lively presentation of "How to Create A Miracle Having to do with Money". I have used it many times and IT WORKS! Thank you for such valuable information.

Lovingly, Cynthia Rae, Tucson

Rockville, MD

In May 2014, I attended Denise’s workshop on working with intuition. I learned a lot and had some new insights into my own intuitive nature.  That led me to work with Denise further on a master alignment session. I have been on a journey of awakening and healing for most of my life and have worked with many healing modalities, but I had not been introduced to master alignment and knew nothing about it. I was so impressed with Denise’s calm, grounded, clear energy and obvious mastery of intuitive work and higher learning, that I thought it important to explore further.

I was blown away by how quickly Denise identified my core issue and help me to understand where it came from and how to release it. She articulated perfectly what I had been struggling with for a lifetime without ever knowing how to quite put my finger on it and so never knowing how to heal it and let it go.  It was a powerful “aha” experience that lead to a total clearing of my spiritual energy and greater opening of my heart. I feel the positive impacts on every level. I feel lighter and freer in my body. I am happier and more optimistic about life, and in particular, my prospects for a happy life. Within four weeks I was offered an opportunity to do the work I have been dreaming about for a couple of years now. And for the first time in my life feel like I am “home” emotionally, spiritually and energetically. I’m at peace.

I am so grateful for Denise and her gifts and expertise and I would love to share her with all of my loved ones so that they could experience the same kind of healing and opening that I have benefited from.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Denise! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts and considerable healing skills.

Denise's comment on the kind and generous words others have spoken.

It is your own body that does the healing.  It is you who does the work to transform yourself.  I am the conduit, the facilitator.  I share the information and follow the guidance from your Higher Self.  I am grateful to be allowed to serve.   Thank you!

Emergence Community Arts Collective

Washington D.C.


October 12, 2011


To Whom It May Concern,


As Director of the Emergence Community Arts Collective, a community center in Washington, DC, I wholly support the work Denise Lane is doing to bring peace and inner awareness to people.  Denise has presented workshops at the ECAC on Creating Money Miracles, Increasing Your Intuitive Awareness, Peace through inner awareness, Understanding Love and Relationships, and Aromatherapy.  Her workshops are practical and transformative. As Director of the ECAC, I have participated in almost all of her workshops and have witnessed the transformation that happens as people open to this knowledge.  The transformation continues long after the workshop is over as her concepts are pondered in future gatherings.


For as long as I’ve know her, many years now, Denise has struggled to keep her heart open, and to work from within that space where her true guidance emanates.  This has led her through many painful and joyous roads, all of which she has recognized and embraced as part of her process.  As a result, Denise is a true healer – one who has developed a strong relationship with her self, her guides, and the healing community.  Today she is fully committed to healing the planet, not from her ego, but from her heart where the beauty and power of her Spirit lies.


The ECAC is committed to providing an affordable, healing space, and Denise’s workshops have helped me accomplish this goal.  I am grateful to have her as a teacher and a friend.


I can be reached at (202) 462-2285 or for more information.




Sylvia Robinson

Executive Director, ECAC

Peaceful Heart

Prescott, AZ
I have attended many lectures given by Denise and have enjoyed them more than I can say. She is an excellent teacher and one that, even though I am a teacher myself, continue to learn from her. That is one of the highest complements I can give.  I have myself practiced the "Money Miracle" numerous times in my life and am always amazed at the results from this simple yet powerful exercise.
Cynthia Williams,
Prescott, AZ

Ventura, CA

I have known Denise Lane for over 20 years, both personally and professionally (mind, body, soul sense).  Over the years she has provided me with many tools that have helped me realize and actualize my soul's path and purpose.   


From time to time I request a reading from Denise, either to to gain some clarity around a particular issue or major decision or simply reconnect with my heart center and what I know to be true.  Recently, I requested a reading from Denise during a major shift in my life.  I equate it with that of a 'reboot' as with a computer, for lack of a better analogy.  I always feel empowered to move forward.   It also provides me with a reaffirmation that my guides are with me.  


It always amazes me,  as Denise connects with my guides and reveals what they are communicating, that the thoughts and patterns I had been struggling with, prior to the reading, are put into perspective.  Questions embedded in my sub-conscience are answered.  I am better able to distinguish between what is ego and what is aligned with my heart and soul.  


When I finish a reading,  as was true for this recent reading, I feel complete. 

The words will resonate for days to come and what might not have made sense initially will eventually fall into place.   

I am truly grateful for Denise's gift and her willingness to share what she learns as she progresses on her own path.

Stephanie T. Ventura, CA.  

Robb and I attended Denise’s talk on" Miracles having to do with Money" 3 years ago in Prescott, Az. The whole concept was something neither of us had ever given thought to. 

She delivered a very informative interactive presentation that not only gave us food for thought but actual applications we could apply.  We have used the information from her talk for 3 years, Robb and I  often stop and call each other when a "money miracle" happens : you know "money miracles happen almost daily now that we are paying attention something gets gifted to us,  we find money in the parking lot, we get an unexpected commission check or a rate goes down on a trip we planned.

We are so grateful to Denise for sharing this information with us.


Robb and Janet Walker

Herriman, UT

Sept 25, 2011

Temple of the Divine Mother

Flagstaff, AZ

Hi Denise,

Thank you so much for coming to our Temple of the Divine Mother in Flagstaff, AZ 

and giving such an amazing workshop, "How to Create A Miracle Having to do with Money".

Everyone enjoyed the teachings and the handouts were very helpful. You were able 

to get the information out with such grace and ease. As my husband and I followed

your guidance the following weeks, we were blessed with so many money miracles

and all we needed to do was to give gratitude and await our next money miracle!

Thanks so much for coming our way.

With love & Light,

Tessie McCabe

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